Opinion pieces

Brexit : « Les Britanniques ne sont pas européens », Le Monde, 28/1/2020

Two tribes: Why Britain fell out of love with the EU and why Ireland didn’t, Irish Independent, 25/1/2020

So used are we to a borderless Europe we’re not ready for the coming shock, The Observer, 25/8/2019

Brexit, the Corn Laws and the Common Market: a brief history of Britain’s trade deals, BBC History Magazine, 21/2/2019

The EU has no incentive to blink on the Irish border question, Financial Times, 1/2/2019

Reading between the lines: books to help us understand Brexit, The Guardian, 25/1/2019

« La question irlandaise aura bien été la principale épine du Brexit », Le Monde, 7/12/2018

Boris Johnson, le maître des euromythes, Le Nouveau Magazine Littéraire, November 2018

Britain wakes up to the reality of free trade, Irish Times, 6/12/2017

Brexit a reminder of how EU has benefited Republic, Irish Times, 14/8/2017

No special deal possible to stop the return of Border controls, Irish Times, 20/2/2017

Deserting the Battle for Britain, Project Syndicate, 21/7/2016

Moving on From the Euro, Project Syndicate, 22/7/2015

Whither the Euro? Finance and Development, March 2014

A Summit to the Death, Project Syndicate, 9/12/2011

Letter from Dublin, 2/12/2010

Present depression just as big as that of 1929, Irish Times, 8/7/2009

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