Podcasts/Radio interviews

Lessons from History: Trade and War in the Second Millennium, WTO Trade for Peace podcast, 25/11/2022

Britain’s Trade Policy, 1815-2016, Trade Talks podcast, 25/10/2020

France Culture, 17/10/2020

BBC World Service: Worlds Apart, 8/8/2020

Haro sur la mondialisation, Rencontres économiques Aix-en-Seine (video), 3/7/2020

Newstalk Taking Stock Podcast: A History of Globalization, 6/6/2020

France Culture: 1/2/2020

Newstalk, 14/3/2019

Inside Politics, Irish Times podcast, 15/2/2019

The Last Word, Today FM, 15/2/2019

Book launch, Resolution Foundation (video), 6/2/2019

France Inter, 13/12/2018

France Culture, 8/12/2018

France Culture, 4/12/2018

France Inter, 8/11/2018

Grenzen der Globalisierung, SRF (video), 16/1/2017

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